Board Members


Jim Wolford, Chair 

Jim is the CEO and owner of Atomic DataFoundation Technologies, & Bark and the Bite. When he’s not helping companies with their technology, Jim seizes every opportunity he can find to help those around him and give back to the community. He has seen first-hand, both through his two young sons and across the globe at the Atomic Data-constructed refugee library, the transformative power of reading.

Lauren Beek, Secretary 

Lauren is a communications professional with an interest in helping great nonprofits tell their stories. She has worked with Start Reading Now since 2016 and has enjoyed every minute. Her favorite part has been experiencing the thrill of Start Reading Now's in-school book fairs. Even in a world filled with screens, apps and iPads, Lauren has seen the excitement that picking out a brand new book brings. Her English-major heart is grateful to help foster a love of books for all kids, across Minneapolis and beyond. 

Jonathan Simon, Treasurer 

Jonathan Simon has worked at Atomic Data for ten and a half years and currently serves as the Manager of Finance. He earned his B.A. in Financial Management from the University of St. Thomas. Outside of work, Jonathan enjoys fishing with his dad and playing with his two dogs and two cats. When it comes to books, he likes his science fictitious and his history factual. 

Hannah Serrano

Hannah has been Jim’s Executive Assistant at Atomic Data for the last nine years and Atomic’s Office Manager for the last 7 years. When she isn’t working she spends most of her time cooking, chasing her two Boxer pups around, or enjoying a book. Hannah’s father sparked her love for reading at a young age and they continue to share books and recommendations with each other. Her favorite books growing up were Yummers! and In a Dark Dark Room which is likely why she loves food and all things spooky!

Scott Evangelist  

Scott is a marketing jack-of-all-trades, technology geek, and journalism major. Currently serving as the Director of Marketing Communications at Atomic Data, Scott assists in the execution of many of Atomic Data’s charitable initiatives. Recently relocated to France after 35 years in Minneapolis, these days Scott is mostly reading French story books to his bi-lingual 6-year old daughter while she corrects his grammar and pronunciation.  

Cammy Smith

Cammy Smith is the CEO & President of Integrated Equity Management and Founder of Revive Consulting+. Leading wealth management firms, clients, and business, Cammy strives for value beyond profitability. She has special expertise in client experience, multi-generational wealth, and holistic financial planning. One of her greatest passions is getting books in the hands of children at an early age, which she believes is directly related to positive impacts reading skills have on life-long academic, personal, professional, and financial success. Cammy is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, holds an International MBA from IE Business School, and a BA from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Business.