Inspiring Book Lovers

Can I exchange this book? I only bought one for my cousin, and she's never owned a book. She deserves more than one.

- SRN 1st grader

SRNbackpack.pngStart Reading Now addresses summer reading set-back and inspires kids to read by choice. By hosting book fairs right before summer break, we help kids create their own library of 30 books built over 3 years - at the end of 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade. 

To identify the kids who are most in need of books, we work with local public schools that have 75% or more of their students enrolled in the free or reduced lunch program. 

During the day of the book fair, students pick out 10 brand new books and use a $50 Start Reading Now voucher to pay for them. We also provide "This Book Belongs To" stickers and a backpack to carry their new belongings - adding to the sense of ownership and value. 

Our book fairs are low-effort, low-risk and high-impact, making our program an exciting new way to drive change in our community.


Why is this work important? 

  • Many of the students we serve do not have access to enough books at home.    

  • With few books at home, some students think of reading only as a school activity.    

  • The power of choice and a sense of ownership positively affects the desire to read.

  • Creating a culture of reading for fun positively impacts reading skills and long-term academic success.    

  • Ultimately, we believe a fuller home library can greatly improve a student’s creativity, confidence and future aspirations.